Saturday, January 17, 2009

Our new puppy

So last week Saturday we got our puppy. Her name is Dakota she is a yellow lab. She is the cutest thing ever. So far she has been a really good puppy, considering she is left alone all day long. :( Today we went on our first walk and she did really good. I also gave her a bath but she really didn't like that at all. Here are some pictures of her. 

Other than that nothing new is really going on in our lives right now. I am taking a winter class which will be done next week, and then next semester I just have four more classes and then I will be done. 

Brad went hunting this weekend with the boys to Jawbone. So I am glad that I have Dakota to keep me company while he is gone. Next year he says he is going to take her along. We'll see about that one. :)