Thursday, December 6, 2012

25 weeks

This pregnancy has been going pretty good so far. I had my glucose appointment yesterday, and find out tomorrow if I passed it. Crossing my fingers. My Dr. also told me that both girls are head down, which she was pretty excited about. She also said I was measuring the same as a 28 week for a singleton. (which is totally normal, and I am right on track) I love getting to see them every appointment. My next appointment is my last month one and then I will be going every 2 weeks. I feel like this pregnancy has been going pretty fast. 


How far along? 25 weeks

Total weight gain/loss:

How big is baby? baby's are the size of cauliflower

Maternity clothes? All maternity

Sleep: has been ok. I get up about one time during the night. I have been told that I toss and turn a lot :)

Best moment this week:
hearing the heartbeats again, and getting to see them. :)

Movement:  Lots and lots of movement. 

Food cravings:
something sweet

Gender: Pink and Bows

Labor Signs:

Belly Button in or out?

none... but my belly is very tight. 

What I am looking forward to: getting the bedding in the mail tomorrow.

Here is a picture of Riley... she is 18 months now.... and is at a very fun age. Here is her "Cheese" face. She is really liking seeing all the "pretty lights" on the houses.  She loves books, and her favorite right now is "Fox in Socks" by Dr Seuss. She loves our dog Dakota, and is always asking to go outside and play with her.

Well that's just a little update.
Merry Christmas

Sunday, November 4, 2012

20 weeks

20 weeks
How far along? 20 weeks 3 days (more than half way)

Total weight gain/loss: 1
9 lbs

How big is baby? baby's are the size of banana's

Maternity clothes? all maternity clothes... they are a must.

Sleep: has been ok.. my back has started hurting, but it is welcomed. :)

Best moment this week:
finding out the genders....2 more girls.

Started feeling movement about 2 weeks ago.

Food cravings:
none right now. 

Gender: Pink and Bows

Labor Signs:

Belly Button in or out?


What I am looking forward to: starting to figure out names, and there room.

Twin Girls

So this past Thursday we had a gender reveal party with our immediate family. Brad and I went to the ultra sound on Tuesday and had them put the genders in an envelope. I immediately dropped it off at the baker's house so WE were not tempted to look. (It was SUPER hard not to look, trust me.) We decided we wanted to find out with all of our family.

The end result!!More pink and bows for our house.

Anyways so Thursday night they all came over and we had 2 cakes made; one for baby A, and one for baby B. On the inside it was either going to be pink or blue. I had made signs and had everyone guess what they thought the babies were going to be. Only 4 people thought 2 girls. We were completely shocked!!! My last thought was 2 girls since I have been feeling good, and with Riley I had some sickness.

Friday, September 7, 2012


 It's been way to long since I have updated this blog. Our summer went by way to fast!!! As I'm sure everyone else did too.

It has been pretty eventful because in July I found out that we were expecting again. We went to the doctor in August for my first ultra sound. When we were waiting in the room for my doctor to come in I said to Brad "What if it was Twins or Triplets!" He said that he would probably faint right then and there.
Well she started the ultra sound and said "Oh there is two!"
We were both really shocked to say the least. My brother and sister are twins but I always thought it skipped a generation and never thought I could actually have twins. Well here we are at 12 weeks and it has been going pretty smoothly. No morning sickness this time around. I told Brad that means their has to be at least one boy! He is hoping!! I feel a lot more hungry during the day, and I feel a lot bigger than I did with Riley this time around. But so far so good. We have an appointment next week Wednesday to hear the heartbeats.

Twins 12 week bump picture

 How far along? 12 weeks 1 day

Total weight gain/loss:
3 lbs

How big is baby? baby's are the size of limes

Maternity clothes? maternity bottoms are a must already, some tops but mostly regular tops still

Sleep: has been pretty good so far, other than it just being really hot. I'm ready for some cooler weather. 

Best moment this week:
making it to 12 weeks with no complications so far.

Movement: none yet

Food cravings:
chips, ice cream 

Gender: No signs yet

Labor Signs:

Belly Button in or out?


How are you feeling? Feeling great :)

What I am looking forward to: hearing the hear beats next week :)

What I miss: Sleepin on my belly

Milestones: welcome 2nd trimester.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Weekend Pics

Started off Sunday night with a bike ride... not liking helmet too much

still not liking the helmet.... then mom dropped her iphone and cracked the screen :(

Happy Memorial Day!

pool fun with Levi

Having fun with the sprinkler mat (Emilie, Levi, & Riley)

Hard to get 3 babies to look at the camera. Oh well. 
Pool fun in the sun!!! and BBQ with friends is what we did this memorial day.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Pink Lemonade 1st birthday

 Pink lemonade stand her grandpa made her

 Dessert Table

 Loving some cupcake

Happy 1st birthday to my sweet baby girl!!! (I guess she is technically a toddler now :(
It was a great party and a lot of fun to plan.

Photos by

Monday, May 7, 2012

Pink lemonade party

Picture from her 1st birthday yesterday!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Its been a couple weeks now but Riley has figured it out and has been walking since the 2nd week of March (10.5 months) . She had been taking a couple steps here and there but one night she just decided "I am going to Walk!" It has been a lot of fun watching her explore in this new way of travel. She loves being outside with Dakota and also playing in the dirt (thanks to Nanny) I can't wait for this summer when we can play in the water.

I also can't believe that in less than a month my baby will be ONE! Crazy how fast this past year has gone, and how fast she has grown up.

Friday, March 16, 2012

10 months old

Palm Springs Feb 2012
Wow time sure has flown by since my last post. I thought I would be better at keeping this thing update but I guess I was wrong.

Riley is now 10 months old.
She is 19 lbs and 28 inches long.
she is taking a few steps by herself, (every time I get the camera out she starts crawling...little stinker)
talks a lot (dada, momma, la la, baba, mum mums)
likes her books
likes her stuffed doggies
likes playing with her friends
doesn't like headbands anymore
eating solid foods
12 month clothes
Riley (9.5 months) Emilie (4.5 months) Levi (5.5 months)

Shopping trip with auntie and Nanny                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Brad 27th birthday
Last weekend we went to palm springs with friends. We had a great time without kids and could be adults again. (it only took us 2 years to finally plan this trip. and we all said we need to do it again.) We also celebrate Brad's 27th birthday at the beginning of the month, and at the end is our 4th wedding anniversary already! Wow time does fly by when your having fun.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Recap of 2011

Hey Everyone. This past year has come and gone, and let me tell you it went WAY to fast.
It brought many new and exciting things for our family. We feel so blessed.
  • new house
  • many friends and family got married
  • new sister in law & niece
  • lots & lots of babies
  • blessed friendships
  • bible studies
  • and the best gift was RILEY.
She has really brought a lot of joy to our family.

  • 7.5 months old
  • Riley is now standing up and walking behind her walker toys. (guessing she is going to take after me, b/c I walked at 8 months. Please slow down little one. Why does pregnancy go by soooo slow but she has grown up sooo fast? it should be opposite.)
  • She has her 2 bottom teeth and I think she is cutting a new one on top
  • sleeps great at night, but isn't a big napper. (oh well more play time with mommy)