Wednesday, August 17, 2011

14 weeks old

I know I am way overdue once again for an update. Sorry. Life has just been so busy this summer. In the month of July we went to Oahu with Brad's grandparents and whole Douma family to celebrate their 50th anniversary. We decided it was best to leave Riley home. It was really hard but once we got there we were ok and had a great time with everyone. I got picture updates and phone updates everyday. :)

In the beginning of August we were at Lake Tulloch with my family and others, then to a wedding in SLO and then home to the week before my Brother and Lisa's wedding. Which was this past weekend. That was my last wedding that I will be in for a while. I am so happy to be home now and enjoy the last couple weeks of summer. (Although I would like for it to be a little warmer) This is our new family picture.

Riley Stats:
She had her 3 month checkup yesterday and was 11lbs and 11oz and 23 inches long. (in the 50th percentile) Dr. said I could get her started on some rice cereal soon (4 months) and start introducing some baby food. She is growing up way to fast.  Please stay little longer. :( she is almost rolling over and is cooing like crazy. I just love her. Especially at night when she should be going to sleep and as soon as I lay her down in her crib she opens her eyes and smiles at me. How could I get mad at that. She is so precious to me and I can't even imagine my life without her.