Monday, September 28, 2009

Hello all,

Well nothing really exciting but I decided I wanted to keep updating more often so here goes nothing.

I have been working full time now for MSU (Material Sales Unlimited a sister company to WCSG) Anyways I will be here full time until Decemeber. I am working for someone while she is on maternity leave. After that I'm hoping to start subbing wherever I can. This weekend I am going to Scottsdale with some girl friends, a much needed weekend getaway. I am really excited to get to spend time with these girls all weekend long, and am excited that they wanted a Married friend to come along. :)

Brad is going on a hunting trip to Wyoming with his dad, and brother Matt. This is a very good hunt that they got and they are super excited about going. They will be gone until the 8th. :( Also a good excuse for me to go away also. :)

So that is what is happening in the life of the Brad & Jenna Struiksma family as of now. I'll keep you updated. :)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Dakota updated pics...

So I was just looking through some pics and I thought I would put some pics up of my puppy. She has gotten so big....

Summer is Over

Hello all.... I know I haven't written on this in a very long time. I will try to catch you up on my life since Feb. So here I go....

March- was our One year anniversary, and I can't believe it has been a year already. We went to San Diego for the weekend and stayed at the Hyatt in the Gaslamp district. While we were there we went to the San Diego Zoo, and hung out there all day. Went for a nice dinner on Saturday night and then came home on Sunday. It was nice to get away for the weekend.

May- Graduation finally came!!! I graduated from CSULB with a BA in Liberal Studies and a concentration in Human and Child Development. It is a nice feeling to know that I have completed my degree. I also started a new job in May working for MSU which is also at West Coast. I am working full time for someone while she is on maternity leave. So this job will last me until the end of the year which is nice. Our summer was full of weddings also. In May was Matt and Lauren Tiens.

June- Started off with my birthday. Summer and Nick's wedding (which I was the Matron of Honor for). and then a family vacation with the Struiksma side to Clear Lake.

July- In July my parents took us kids to Kaui for a week. We had a lot of fun. We stayed at the Westin in Princeville. We also went to the wedding of Darin and Missy Haringsma on July 18.

Aug- I went to Lake Tulloch with my family while Brad stayed home and worked and took care of Dakota (our puppy) We also had another wedding Greg & Alisha Vanden Bosch.

We had a great Summer full of vacations and hanging out with friends and family. It kept us busy thats for sure. Now back to working :( Boo...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dakota picture update

I just thought this picture was so precious. She loves her Bird.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Our new puppy

So last week Saturday we got our puppy. Her name is Dakota she is a yellow lab. She is the cutest thing ever. So far she has been a really good puppy, considering she is left alone all day long. :( Today we went on our first walk and she did really good. I also gave her a bath but she really didn't like that at all. Here are some pictures of her. 

Other than that nothing new is really going on in our lives right now. I am taking a winter class which will be done next week, and then next semester I just have four more classes and then I will be done. 

Brad went hunting this weekend with the boys to Jawbone. So I am glad that I have Dakota to keep me company while he is gone. Next year he says he is going to take her along. We'll see about that one. :)