Sunday, November 4, 2012

Twin Girls

So this past Thursday we had a gender reveal party with our immediate family. Brad and I went to the ultra sound on Tuesday and had them put the genders in an envelope. I immediately dropped it off at the baker's house so WE were not tempted to look. (It was SUPER hard not to look, trust me.) We decided we wanted to find out with all of our family.

The end result!!More pink and bows for our house.

Anyways so Thursday night they all came over and we had 2 cakes made; one for baby A, and one for baby B. On the inside it was either going to be pink or blue. I had made signs and had everyone guess what they thought the babies were going to be. Only 4 people thought 2 girls. We were completely shocked!!! My last thought was 2 girls since I have been feeling good, and with Riley I had some sickness.

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Anonymous said...

This is so fun and cute. You look amazing too btw.