Monday, May 6, 2013

Aubrey & Avery 3 months

3 Months Old
The girls are right on track for their adjusted age which is 6 weeks (13 weeks ago they were born)
They have just started smiling and cooing a little bit. We are working on tummy time, and trying to hold their heads up. They are both getting a lot stronger. They are both still sleep a lot during the day. I am trying to do the baby wise method, of wake, eat, play, sleep. But sometimes they are just too tired to play after eating. They are eating 4oz bottle every 3 hours during the day. During the night I am getting one 5 hour stretch of sleep which has been really nice. Avery is usually the one that wakes up first, so then I wake up Aubrey too, that way they are on the same schedule. I try to have their last feeding at 9:30-10 and then put them down. I have been learning to go to bed at that time too, so we can all get some good sleep time in. I can't wait for them to start sleeping through the night!!! They are still sleeping in our room, but I think maybe this week I will move them to their cribs :(

I just got a Disneyland pass, and have been enjoying going with Riley, and my mom and sister. We still need to find Goofy, as that is Riley's favorite character. We are going to go with her friend Emilie this week. I can't believe that this Thursday she is going to be turning 2. Time has flown by so fast.

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