Thursday, February 14, 2013

Aubrey & Avery

Aubrey 4lbs 6oz & Avery 4lbs 15oz

Love this picture!!

Brad looking over Avery

First picture of the 4 of us.... Can't wait for Riley to meet the girls!

The girls were born on Feb 1st at 5:51am and 5:56am via C-Section. I woke up that morning around 2:30am with some cramping feelings, but didn't think it was labor. It continued to get worse, and about an hour later I called my mom and asked her what she thought and she said to call my Dr., who said to go right in to labor and delivery. At this time it was about 3:45 and I was having contractions about 6 minutes apart. By the time we left our house at 4:10 they were 2-3 min apart. We rushed to the hospital got checked in and discovered I was 7 cm dilated already. I decided to do a C-section since Avery baby B was transverse and breech. They rushed me in to OR prepped me and they were born. Both Aubrey at 4lbs 6oz and Avery at 4lbs 15oz. Avery got put on a C-pap for her breathing, and Avery was breathing room air. Considering they were born at 33 weeks they were good weights and doing pretty well.

They have been in the NICU since and we are so anxious to get them home. Avery got taken off her Cpap on Feb 3rd in the morning and has been breathing room air since. Both girls were on caffeine for a week because of apnea spells. Yesterday the 13th was the first day without caffeine, and they need to be off of it for at least a week without any spells. So the earliest they can come home is next Wednesday. Going back and forth to the NICU is hard everyday and it's harder not having all my girls home with me. Riley has been going back and forth to grandparents houses and has been doing pretty good. I miss them all and can't wait for them all to be home!!!

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